A Warning For All My Homey’s Who Bought a Mega-Millions Ticket Today…

This press release arrived yesterday:


Dear Reporter / Producer,

I am the Founder & CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, the largest Sugar Daddy dating website that have been featured on the likes of Dr. Phil, 20/20, and the New York Times.

I am writing to you today because I am releasing a statistical study about Sugar Daddies in America based on 5 years worth of data collected on my website.  The study highlights some very interesting facts and observations about the habits of wealthy men in your specific metropolitan area.  (Note:  a PDF copy of the study has been attached with this email.)

Most relevant to you is the fact that the Boston Metropolitan area is Number 2 on the list of cities with the most Sugar Daddies per capita, and also Number 17 on the list of cities with the most generous Sugar Daddies.

In the Boston Metropolitan area, approximately 2.47 out of every 1000 adult men are Sugar Daddies.  A typical Boston sugar daddy has an average income of $254,823, is worth about $4.8 million, and spends approximately $4,111 a month on his sugar addiction.   Approximately 47.8% of them are married (one of the highest percentage of philanderers in the country).

If you would like additional Boston specific sugar daddy information (e.g., age, occupation breakdown, etc.), please feel free to email us at press@seekingarrangement.com or call me directly at (702) 513-1344.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brandon Wade

Founder & CEO





If you would rather not receive future communications from SeekingArrangement.com, please go to http://InfoStreamGroupInc.pr-optout.com/OptOut.aspx?1015954x38009x57658x1x1151445x24000x6&Email=jonathan%40improper.com.

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