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I Could Spit Nails….

This is an Op-Ed piece I submitted to the New York Times: I’ve always had a distaste for what I call “the griefarazzi”—people whose response to the death of a beloved public figure is inordinate and unseemly given that they never actually knew him or her. A feeling of loss or sadness over someone you […]

Sexting With Ian Ziering

Raise your hand if you were a fan of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Now raise your hand if your favorite character was Steve Sanders. I saw a few hands go down. Well, I’m partial to muscle-y blondes, so Ian Ziering always did it for me, even if Dylan and Brandon set more adolescent hearts […]

Snake-Wrangling With the Beast Hunter

  Not long ago, I interviewed a biologist named Pat Spain, the host of the show “Beast Hunter” on the National Geographic channel. An avid naturalist, he mentioned that he also does a web-based program called “Nature Calls,” which includes cataloguing every snake in the state of Massachusetts. I was doing the interview by phone […]