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Half-Time Report: The Coolest Things I’ve Done So Far This Summer…

1. Published my novel, which you should be reading right now, unless you’ve already finished it, in which case you should be telling EVERYONE you come into contact with that they will burn in Hell if they don’t read it, but if you haven’t purchased it yet, click HERE. 2. Picnicked by the lake and then […]

2013’s Best Beach Read!

Desiree Grabowski is an unscrupulous, social-climbing parasite, married to one of New York’s richest lawyers. At the hair salon, she meets the mysterious Alta Monte di’Soldi, an Italian countess with a shadowy past. Meanwhile, Desiree’s Central American housekeeper, Ita, lives in abject terror of being deported but demonstrates a genius for fashion design that catches […]

I’m Your Uncle Mame!

There’s an old saying: Children are like farts—you only enjoy your own. I happen to disagree, partly because I don’t have any children of my own, but mostly because it’s great fun being a guncle (gay uncle).