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San Francisco

My aunt and uncle live in San Francisco and have been inviting me to visit for years. I hadn’t in at least 20. They weren’t even married the last time I was there (it’s his third marriage, her fourth). I was way overdue, so Sam and I decided to visit on Columbus Day weekend. Our […]

A Feast at the French Laundry

  March 14, 2011 “Welcome to The French Laundry.” Her voice was husky. Hushed. Seductive. It reverberated in my chest. She sounded like a high-class film noir femme fatale. “I’ve been waiting to hear that for a long time,” I answered. She smiled. “That’s what we like to hear.” I hadn’t tasted a thing yet, […]

San Francisco Part II

San Francisco, Part II Food and wine are as good a reason as any to fly 3,000 miles, and while Napa Valley may be ground zero for good eats, San Francisco is studded with gems, too. To thank my aunt and uncle for putting us up, we took them to one of the city’s most […]