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This Week’s Top 10…

In no particular order… 1 Finding $54 in a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in a year 2. My new tan-through bathing suits from Kiniki 3. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer from Perpetual Kid 4. The delicious Falanghina  I had at lunch 5. Dinner with the brilliant Yale Dante scholar Peter Hawkins at Petit Robert […]

This Week’s Top 10…

  1. This sunrise 2. A string of prefect days on Zack’s beach 3. Sushi from Faith’s Seafood Shack 4. The 4th of July clambake at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club 5. A burrito from Sharky’s 6. A gorgeous beach day, all alone, at the Gay Head Cliffs 7. Fresh flowers and herbs from Beetlebung Farm 8. […]

The Month’s Top 10…or Whatever

I’ve been lazy about updating everyone on what’s good, so there are more than 10. Sue me. 1. The nursing staff at Mount Sinai Hospital who are taking excellent care of my father 2. Hydrangeas 3. This 2005 bottle of Corton-Charlemagne I had shipped back from Burgundy 4. This 2008 bottle of Corton-Charlemagne I obnoxiously […]