Some of My Favorite Designers/Labels Who May Still Be Flying Under Your Radar

All this cost about 150 bucks at Japan's answer to American Apparel, Uniqlo

For someone who enjoys shopping, I don’t like shopping for clothes, mostly because it involves taking things off, trying things on (and sometimes alterations), which is why I generally do it when I’m traveling. That way, the necessary evil is transformed into a cultural experience, with the added bonus that there’s less likelihood that I’ll ever run into someone where I live wearing exactly the same thing.

Here are some of the more obscure labels I’ve come across, in no particular order. Some of them you can find in New York. Others you have to go overseas, but for what it’s worth—
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Music for the Independent Yogi

With apologies to Emerson College’s radio station, WERS (which bills itself as “Music for the Independent Mind”), I offer the playlists of Amy Leydon, one of  the country’s top yoga instructors. She’s not afraid to play something slightly inappropriate (System of a Down?!?) in between “come to a comfortable seated position” and “namaste.” Excellent dinner music, background music, and even some dance(able) music. She’s just got a unique ear and eclectic taste and makes me look forward to hearing what she comes up with next.
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When it comes to underwear, men (at least the smart ones) really only care about one thing: Comfort.

I’ve made comfortable underwear my life’s study. Unfortunately, Calvin Klein discontinued my all-time favorite model, which incidentally looked like a sumo wrestler’s diaper, and therein lies my other salient point: if you’re going to undress in front of your S.O., or even in the locker room at the gym, it doesn’t hurt to have your underwear be as stylish as it is comfortable.

My personal picks:

H&M (the discount Swedish retail giant) is great for graphic, comic and otherwise cheeky boxer briefs.

Women have an advantage when it comes to the Italian brand Intimissimi; they can buy it at Victoria’s Secret. For guys, it’s a bit harder to find but worth it. You can buy it online (and if you’re gay, there’s the bonus soft-core porn aspect). Of course, the best way to shop for it is to go to Italy; there’s a store with a decent selection directly behind the Duomo in Milan.


For short-waisted guys like me, the Colombian brand Unico makes a comfy nutsack, available at Freshpair.

But by far the most luxurious underpants I ever had came from Sulka, the superlative NY maker of men’s shirts and other things, which is about to launch its new online store. I will undoubtedly be unable to afford it, so sweetheart, if you’re reading this…

Beyond comfort, I have only two other things to say about men’s underwear: 1) D&G has the hottest ads, and 2) by far the funniest catalogue is Nuwear.