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I’ve always thought LAX was the most glamorous airport in the U.S., not because you stand a better than average chance of spotting a celebrity at the next urinal, but because of the Theme Building, which is as close as it gets to visiting The Jetson’s in their intergalactic bubble house. (OK, there’s always psilocybin mushrooms and a Hannah-Barberra marathon on TV, but you get the drift.)


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Tan, I Am!

One time, I thought it would be funny to return home from a February weekend in London with a tan. I’d been bumped up to first class, and spray tanning was one of the myriad ways to waste time/indulge yourself in Virgin’s Upper Class Departure Lounge at Heathrow. read more

You’re Looking Swell, Dalai…


An old friend invited me to an intimate audience with the Dalai Lama at 8:30 on a Tuesday morning. Of course, I accepted, although, as it turned out, I had two conflicting funerals, a dentist’s appointment and a board meeting on the same day. But what better way to improve your karma than to start your day off with the ultimate rock star of Buddhist monks?

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