Julia and Me

I had the pleasure of meeting, and even eating with, Julia Child, on several occasions, and there’s nothing I can add to all that’s been said about how delightful and funny and down-to-earth she was.

What I remember most vividly was her voice: that unmistakable warbly sing-song, which was the basis for one of my all-time favorite party tricks.

She had a phone line that only rang in her office, so I knew I wouldn’t be bothering her, and I knew the number by heart. At bars, I used to take people’s cell phones and dial the number, hand it back to them, and watch their jaws drop when they heard the answering machine pick up and say: “Hi, there! It’s Julia!”

Over a period of several years, that trick earned me hundreds of free drinks, which she would undoubtedly approve of (it’s true that she knew how to throw down).

So happy 100th birthday in heaven, Julia! And this time, the drinks are on me.

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