Last Week’s Top 10…

1. Praised be to the Almighty: My father narrowly survived a ruptured aorta 2. Sam’s flowers 3. Eating at Jean-Georges twice in one week, once with noted lunatic Joseph Mazzarelli and then with noted lunatic Bernardo “Bernie Hernie” Hernandez


4. A bartender asking, “Are you dating yourself by the length of Mariah Carey’s sobriety, or the length of Patti LaBelle’s nails?’

5. The sushi at Gari…Almost makes up for how popular it is.

6. Being a good Jew and eating at Shun Lee West on Sunday night and Shun Lee East on Monday.

7. Central Park in summer

8. The fact that my pedicure survived 10 days in New York, several days on the beach and two fairly major hikes

9. Japanese toilets

10. Arriving here

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