A Warning For All My Homey’s Who Bought a Mega-Millions Ticket Today…

This press release arrived yesterday:


Dear Reporter / Producer,

I am the Founder & CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, the largest Sugar Daddy dating website that have been featured on the likes of Dr. Phil, 20/20, and the New York Times.

I am writing to you today because I am releasing a statistical study about Sugar Daddies in America based on 5 years worth of data collected on my website.  The study highlights some very interesting facts and observations about the habits of wealthy men in your specific metropolitan area.  (Note:  a PDF copy of the study has been attached with this email.)

Most relevant to you is the fact that the Boston Metropolitan area is Number 2 on the list of cities with the most Sugar Daddies per capita, and also Number 17 on the list of cities with the most generous Sugar Daddies.

In the Boston Metropolitan area, approximately 2.47 out of every 1000 adult men are Sugar Daddies.  A typical Boston sugar daddy has an average income of $254,823, is worth about $4.8 million, and spends approximately $4,111 a month on his sugar addiction.   Approximately 47.8% of them are married (one of the highest percentage of philanderers in the country). read more

This Week’s Top Ten

Eli Paperboy Reed at the Cashmans' party

1. Christy and Jay Cashman’s party with author Tom Perrotta, a screening of “Election” (based on his novel), and a performance by  Eli Paperboy Reed

2. Frank Peter Zimmerman playing Dvorzak’s Violin Concerto in A Minor

3. My new sweater from Scott James

4. Bully Boy White Whiskey

5. Celebrating Cristina Isabel’s birthday under the magnolia trees in full bloom on Commonwealth Avenue

6. Commonwealth Shakespeare Company‘s reception at the Parkman House

7. Discovering the Watermelon Radish

8. Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo

9. The Handel and Haydn Society Gala at the Mandarin Oriental

10. Erasing all traces of dignity at Descent at the W


This Week’s Top 10

This Week’s Top 10, in no particular order:

1. The cocktail I invented while visiting Andrew Cabot and Nelse Clarke at the Privateer Rum distillery in Ipswich: Privateer Silver Reserve, a splash of Aperol and a dash of Angostura bitters, topped with Soda. Garnish with whatever.

2. Hanging out with Alec Mapa at Climacts!—the annual fund-raiser for the Theater Offensive.

3. Mr. Dick’s Night at Bijou, the gay disco cha-cha of the in-crowd.

4. The Broccoli and Leek recipe we made from The Silver Spoon Cookbook

5. The 3rd floor outdoor deck at Legal’s Harborside

6. A brisket sandwich from Barry’s Deli in Waban

7. Finding a sealed letter that a friend in London asked me to hand deliver to a friend in Boston in 1998. Oops.

8. Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In

9. The Madai at Douzo

10. Daffodils and crocuses about a month ahead of schedule.