Did I Ever Tell You About Appearing On-Stage in Front of Tony and Emmy Award Winner Cherry Jones?

I took this photo while executive director Steve Maler and I welcomed the crowd to the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company‘s production of All’s Well That Ends Well. Now in its 16th year of performing free, Old Vic-caliber Shakespeare on the Common, the crowds are expected to reach 100,000 this year. So now that you’ve seen what it looks like from the stage, go see what it looks like from the audience.

P.S. The small figure sitting behind the man kneeling in the pink polo shirt is Tony and Emmy award-winner Cherry Jones.

A Touchy Subject

Men are notoriously sensitive about their hair. According to some sources, even moreso than about penis size.

A few years ago, a big socialite in Boston swept past me at a party and said, “I’m not sure I like your hair that way.” I replied, “I’m not sure I give a shit.”

My hair has always been an embarrassment. Here’s a picture of me as an infant:

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Who Wore It Best, Diamond Edition

I’ve always liked the feature in Us magazine: Who Wore it Best? The only problem: They never include me. So I’ve created my own egomaniacal version.

This installment involves the diamond bracelets my friend drunkenly put on my wrist at lunch one day and forgot to take back. Her father had given a matching pair to her and her sister. A while later, I noticed them lying on a tray in my house. I was going to a party that night that both sisters would be at, so I brought  them and snapped this photo before returning them. Please vote on Who Wore it Best.

It’s vitally important.

To me.

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