This Week’s Top 10…

1. Serving as a host in Lee Mingwei‘s Living Room Project at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

2. Essie’s new nail polish color, “lilacism

3. Laura Mercier’s fresh fig hand cream

4. At the very celebrity-heavy wedding we went to this weekend, Sam saying, “The only reason I recognized Mario Batali was those hideous orange Crocs.”

5. The mammary gland desserts at Party in the Park

6. Bowling with my niece and nephew to see who would pick up the next tab for Shabu Shabu

7. Being told that a blazer I admired “might be a little snug on you,” and then proving that person wrong.

8. Being told by a friend’s agent, “Your life would make a GREAT reality show!”

9. “Roller Disco The Musical” coming to the Oberon Theater this summer

10. The polar bear Pez dispenser my de facto mother-in-law felt inexplicably compelled to give me



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